Hedgelaying (or hedge steeping in Devon) is very much a country rural craft which has been carried out, perfected and practised for hundreds of years. Correct management of our hedges and hedgerows is essential if we are to preserve and conserve our wildlife and landscape for future generations.

In the West Country, hedgerows define our stunning inland countryside, uplands, lowlands, moorlands and coastal regions. They provide a vital and important role for wildlife as shelter, food or simply a refuge and as corridors along which they can move through the landscape. The benefits to land owners and those managing the land are without doubt.

The flagship Environmental Land Management Scheme rewards land owners and farmers alike for enhancing the environment and countryside by providing well managed habitats, rather than the age old mindset of ‘over management’ of critically important features such as our humble hedgerow.

Hedgelaying in terms of land management preserves not only the past but protects our future going forward.

There are many regional variations to laying or steeping a hedge, but a well laid or steeped hedgerow is far better than a neglected hedgerow reduced to a pile of earth. So whether you are a farmer, landowner or homeowner with a small amount of land and would like to discuss the laying or steeping of your hedgerow as part of your land management strategy then please get in touch. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to come and discuss your plans with you.

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